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Student Progression / Training Program

The Carolina Skydiving Student Training Program combines Tandem Skydiving with the USPA recommended Integrated Student Program (ISP). Our student training program exceeds the industry standard for skydive certification. Carolina Skydiving focuses on progressive training starting from the very first tandem skydive. This means we continually build on the foundation set forth in the previous jump. We like to think that everyone that makes a first jump has the potential to become a licensed skydiver. With this in mind, we have designed a training program that will help the student meet that potential.

The Carolina Skydiving Student Training Program is divided into 3 phases; Tandem, Instructor, and Coach. This type of program allows us the flexibility to cater to the individual needs of the student.

The Tandem Phase is your introduction the exhilarating world of skydiving. Your training starts here. We focus on the basic freefall and canopy skills that you will use throughout your skydiving career. We require two jumps during this phase. The first jump focuses on basic body position and awareness both during freefall and under canopy. The second jump builds on the skill set developed in the previous jump by incorporating freefall turns, altitude awareness, and basic canopy piloting techniques.

The Instructor Phase consists of seven jumps. There is a 4 hour ground school required prior to making any jumps in this portion of the training program. At this point, you are no longer jumping in tandem with an instructor. Don’t be alarmed; instructors will still be with you however they are not physically attached under a single parachute system. The goal of this phase is to develop basic survival/maneuvering skills both during freefall and under canopy. There are minimum requirements you must meet on each jump prior to advancing to the next level. Our instructional staff will spend whatever time necessary with you prior to each jump so that you will feel comfortable with the goals of that particular skydive. We will not let you jump until both you and your instructor agree that you are ready.

Upon successful completion of the Instructor Phase you have all the necessary skills to either jump solo, by yourself, or with a Coach.

The Coach Phase consists of 10 jumps. This is the “fine tuning” portion of the program. At this point, you have demonstrated the ability to be safe in the air alone however; we want you to be safe in the air with other people. During this phase you will learn the finer points of group skydiving by performing various different maneuvers and skills in the presence of a Coach. Upon completion of this segment you will have earned a USPA A-License. The A-license allows you to jump at any United Sates Parachute Association skydiving center in the world.

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